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Covid Removals For Students

Professional and secure service from start to finish. Managed by a Thai / UK alumni with 15 years experience. Recommended by the Royal Thai Embassy in London.

Help For Foreign Students During Covid-19 Pandemic!

When Coronavirus started to spread many foreign students returned home mid way through their studies. They did so in the belief that this would all be over quickly and they would be able to return to normal. Fast forward three months and most of the world is on lockdown and students can’t return to the UK for the foreseeable future.

Many of our student contacts are now in a dilemma. Tenancy (accommodation) agreements are coming to an end, but the majority of students that left did so without most of their possessions. We are currently working with student accommodation providers to provide a service to students. We are providing removals together with storage / shipping services.

The service solves a problem for both landlord and tenant at a time when we don’t know how long current restrictions will be in place. Even if restrictions are lifted in the UK the rest of the world will not run on the same timetable.

We offer professional removal services with video calling and inventory lists. We have secure storage solutions. We can provide peace of mind when the rest of the world has been turned upside down. Our service has been recommended by the Royal Thai Embassy in London.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. ACT Now and protect your belongings before your tenancy ends!


We will actively communicate with your landlord / property manager to arrange removal.

We can video call you when we collect your belongings.

We keep you updated with every step of the process.


All removals are carried out by professionals.

Itemised inventory lists are available.

We can clean your room after removals to comply with your tenancy agreement.


All belongings are stored securely at our facilities.

When lockdown is over we can arrange to deliver your belongings in the UK or arrange shipping overseas.

We are currently covering all major cities in the UK!


If you or someone you know needs help just drop us a message. Click on the link below to request a quote for our services. We can communicate with landlords and student services on your behalf. We can arrange everything from start to finish to secure your belongings in these uncertain times.

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